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Herboponics: A Smart Hydroponic Garden

Have your own garden to grow your vegetables. Many people dream of it, but they don’t have any idea that how to space or to imagine it as a chore. However, with the cultivation techniques that Smart Garden offers, they have no more excuses.

With Smart Garden, you do not need land or have great gardening skills. This innovative hydroponic system allows you to grow up to six plants simultaneously up to 1 ft high such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, among others, without pesticides or chemicals that can affect your health. In addition to being adapted to many types of plants, it promises to make your life easier and with a minimum of human intervention since everything can be automated, whether it is the time when it switches to night mode, its schedules Automatic watering according to the stage of development of the plant or its intensity of lighting during the day …

The system has intelligent control that allows you to adjust the light levels, as well as the spectrum and light intensity, and its irrigation. Depending on the spectrum of light, its balance and intensity,  the flavor of the plant can be changed, which is surprising in itself. The light used is equivalent to sunlight and can be adjusted according to the growth phase of the plant.

Curiosity drives us to look for new plants and new flavors -Loiske

Smart Garden is energy efficient because it has an operating cost of less than 30 US dollars (27 Euros) per year, using around 120 kWh. Low energy consumption prevents excessive heat that would be harmful to the plant. The Smart Garden can provide about 5 kg of tomatoes each month.

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