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Ideas For A Decorative Garden

Growing vegetables is one of the most labor-intensive activities in the garden. Big garden – big chores. It is necessary to clean it every year, dig up beds, fertilize, sow or plant seedlings, water, weed, cover.

Pumpkin culture on the background of ornamental plants 

Recall a few rules. The place for the garden should be sunny, protected from the northern winds, with easily accessible water for irrigation.

Any garden can be made decorative by arranging beautiful beds, boxes, picking up plants not only for products but also for their aesthetic qualities. Combine the garden with a garden, arranging everything (beds, arches, pergolas, flower girls and balustrades) in the same style and color. True, in order for such a garden to look its best, they need to be engaged constantly. This is only possible for those who live outside the city all the time and have the strength and desire to care for the beds. 

If you do not plan to provide yourself and all near and distant relatives with your own vegetables all year round and grow them solely for the joys of being, then it is quite possible to do with a small area allocated for vegetables. A small ornamental garden does not require serious investment in the creation and large physical costs for the care.

Spicy aromatic herbs in the garden


Ornamental garden plan, like a flower garden, in advance. With respect for the size of the plant, timing of flowering and ripening of fruits, the general color gamut. 

It should be borne in mind that in the middle lane, he can become truly beautiful only in July when the plants grow well. And if you want the beds to look decorative since the beginning of summer, plant spectacular perennials here: a variety of bows, rhubarb, sorrel, strawberry bushes. Combine vegetables with a vegetable garden, which grow lovage, hyssop, thyme, sage, and other perennial herbs and wintered curly parsley.

At the very beginning of spring, the empty places intended for heat-loving cultures, fill with flowering seedlings – violas, marigolds. These plants are very unpretentious, and they can be transplanted without any damage in flowering form from place to place. You can put here pots with pelargonium, rosemary, Laurel. 

Vegetable and ornamental plants in the garden

It’s nice to think about a seedbed to grow vegetables as a substitute. For example, in place of the collected radishes, you can land already grown leaf or cabbage lettuce. 

Good to have a greenhouse. Not only heat-loving vegetables and herbs are grown in it, but also seedlings, heat-loving plants are kept from frost. Of course, it should be installed only when there is time because the plants in it will have to be watered daily and the greenhouse aired.

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