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Spicy Herbs On The Windowsill

Greens and spicy herbs are planted by many, and even the opponents of the beds still find a place in the country for basil, dill, and cilantro. However, to season the salad with your own spices, it is not necessary to wait for the summer – at any time of the year, the greens grow well on the window.
Dill, Anethum graveolens 

Fragrant herbs have been valued at all times. They were eaten, used as medicine. And interestingly, they have always been attributed to some magical properties. So, the Egyptians considered dill to be a symbol of grief. In ancient Greece, the winners of sports competitions put on his head a wreath of celery. And the wine infused on its leaves, the soldiers drank before the fight – it was believed that it kindles the fighting fervor. The Romans believed that the smell of rosemary relieves bad dreams and preserves youth. Dill in antiquity decorated with bouquets of roses – “for flavor”. From lemon balm, they made a love potion. Sprigs of hyssop moistened with water, the Jewish priests used in the ritual of ritual purification. In the Middle Ages, ladies embroidered thyme sprigs on the shirts of their knights – so that they remembered their lover. And cumin in old England was the main component of love potions. A lot of different diseases were treated with a brawler in Russia, and those who drank his decoction were strictly forbidden to swear.

Spicy herbs on the windowsill

Of course, all this is long past. But spicy herbs are bred today too – mostly for the sake of taste and aroma. And not only in the garden. Pretty easy to grow greens in a city apartment. But in order for your room to be filled with the smell of fresh herbs, it is not enough just to throw the seeds into the ground. These seemingly unpretentious plants also require some attention.

Perfect for a mini-garden kitchen is always moist air -. In winter, the “beds” is better to break on the south windows, in the summer – on the east and west. You can even expand the window sill if you are especially “herbivores.”

On the window, it is easiest to grow dill, Kuper, white mustard, boletus, and leafy salads. Cress will be able to plant even a beginner. Just do not forget that the greens do not like too wet soil and suffer from a lack of light.

Borage, bloom

Seeds of dill, leaf lettuce, Kuper, white mustard, peppered are sown on the surface of moist soil and sprinkled on 1 mm of light humus soil.

Forcing onions can be carried out in the water or a layer of soil with a thickness of 7-10 cm. Bulbs of the same size are chosen for forcing – then feathers will grow evenly. They are soaked for 12 hours in hot water, and after planting, they are shed with warm water so that the roots sprout faster. When the leaves grow by 25-30 cm, they can be cut. It is necessary, to begin with extreme – greens accrue from the center of the bulb.

Rosemary – light-loving evergreen shrub. He is quite unpretentious but does not like sudden changes in temperature. Water should be moderate.

Watercress can be grown in the soil mixture, and you can use paper towels or napkins – they will fit for watercress. Seeds need to sow pretty tight. Sprouts will appear in just a couple of days, and after about two weeks, when the salad grows to 5-6 cm, you can harvest the first crop. If you sow the seeds at an interval of fourteen days, you will always have fresh cress.

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