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Smart Hydroponics Garden 2

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Material: Plastic

  • Multifunction Lights: Modern design reading light, Red/ Blue LED Combination help plants to grow up, 360°Rotation, Sensitive Touch Control
  • Mini Garden: 20 high-quality LED bulbs form a full-spectrum solar simulator, promoting the photosynthesis of most plants. Grow the plants as you like such as succulents, sweetgrass, mint, leafy vegetables, etc.
  • Red/Blue LED Combination: 5 Blue LED chips to ensure plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination. 5 Red LED chip contributes to effective germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better results
  • High-tech Hydroponics Application: Up to 2 plants can be grown at a time. Plants grow in water…not soil. Low water alarm remind you to add water for plants, indicator light reminds you of the status of charging;
  • Tidy and Convenient: Clean and good looking; Not very big, can be used at the office, living room, kitchen.


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More About Herboponics

What kind of plants can I grow using your herboponics system?

Our herboponics system is versatile and allows you to grow a wide variety of plants, including herbs like basil, mint, and thyme, as well as vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. You can also experiment with exotic plants and flowers. The system is designed to provide the ideal conditions for diverse plant types, maximizing their growth and health.

Are your hydroponic systems suitable for beginners?
Yes, our hydroponic systems are user-friendly and come with detailed instructions, making them suitable for beginners. Additionally, we provide customer support and resources to help you get started and successfully grow your plants, regardless of your experience level.