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Smart Wire-Frame Hydroponics Garden

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Plastic Type: PVC
Finishing: Lightweight plastic
Type: Nursery Pots
Material: PLASTIC
The range of the application: Desktop ground
Suitable object: Flowers/green plants

    1. Soilless cultivation: no bacteria, no insects
    2. Automatic water cycle: water does not rot, no smell
    3. Controller: water level control, water shortage alarm
    4. Planting simple: white sealing cap removed, direct seeding
    5. Water level float: convenient and intuitive to see how much water level
    For more details, please see the introduction, you can freely mix.
    Due to shipping restrictions, the product does not include seeds or nutrient solutions.
    If you have any questions, you can ask the customer service and you can send a letter from the station.
    Instructions for use (can be used with video) 
    1. Pour the fertilizer into the water storage tank (the fertilizer needs to be purchased by itself due to transportation restrictions)
    2. Add water, the power input hole on the left side and the power output hole on the right side. In the water shortage state, add 7 liters of red float slowly. When there is 1-2 cm at the top, stop adding water (the first time adding water (8 liters) Above) the right side of the water reminder, etc., do not continue to add water, otherwise, the water will overflow)
    3. Sprinkle seeds in each planting tank (the seeds need to be purchased by yourself due to shipping restrictions), please ensure that the plants have about 6-10 hours of care per day.
    4. Need the bracket to buy the bracket to use, you can also buy the plant growth lamp to use


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