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About Us

Herboponics is working towards making the most crucial, fresh,vitamin-packed meals free for everybody in this world. We’ve made a technology which empowers you to grow plants hyper-locally and without effort.

Our product — Smart Gardens, and the Smart Garden Wall Farm– provide everybody an opportunity to produce GMO-free, safe and organic food directly in their kitchen with no need for manual pruning and mowing.

Herboponics is the only company in the world which has the entire product line to cover unique requirements and direct customers from entry-level indoor gardening to developing a professional food growing system at home, in colleges, hospitals, and all other areas.

We bring science and technology to produce fresh wholesome food accessible and affordable for anybody.

According to the UN, important changes are necessary for our agriculture, food and commerce systems, to decrease the usage of fertilizer as well as the CO2 footprint around food logistics. The primary proposal from the UN sees a shift toward neighborhood small farmers and food programs.

Majority of individuals don’t have a garden or the opportunity to garden. Herboponics’ vision is to simply take our ancestor’s comprehension of a healthy diet and to grow your food back in your contemporary city houses.

The three pillars of the firm are to promote and empower local food manufacturing, inspire the conservation of nature through instructional content and ethos and to encourage fresh and clean food intake. Each sold countertop garden helps us move towards our aim of creating big, self-sustainable farms in places where they’re needed the most.

Herboponics has sent its product to more than 450,000 clients around the globe and counting. Did you get your smart garden yet?