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Automate Growing Your Greens With Herboponics

Tech That Powers Your PLants

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Find the perfect hydroponic solution for your needs.
Smart Garden For Enthusiastic

Our Smart Gardens take care of your plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light and nutrients at all times.

We’ve built our Smart Herboponics Gardens for busy city people who love a green space in their homes. People who don’t have a full garden (we all envy people with gardens). People that travel a lot. People that have killed a plant or two in the past by not watering them timely. People that are smart enough to want an hi-tech flowerpot.

Smart Hydroponics Garden - Movable Wall - Herboponics - Cutting Edge Hydroponics Setup For Everyone
Solutions for a Greener Future

Eco-Friendly and Science-Based Features

Sustainable Materials

Made from eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recycled components.

Efficient Watering

Uses 90% less water compared to traditional gardening.

Smart Monitoring

Sensors optimize nutrient delivery and plant growth.

Energy Saving

Low-energy LED lights reduce power consumption significantly.

Professional Hydroponic Equipment

Our professional grow range features everything from grow tents to full-spectrum lighting, nutrients and more.We work with the best lighting and equipment manufacturers from around the world and bring you quality supplies that you can rely on.