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Welcome to HERBOPONICS! We build beautiful smart gardens that purify and beautify your office or living room while giving you fresh fruits and herbs. Perfect for gifting or for personal use. Browse our smart gardens and get yours today!

Smart Gardens For Enthusiasts

Professional Equipment


There are 30 million Americans living in food deserts simply because it's not profitable for our current food system to deliver them the fresh healthy product. We see herboponics as pioneering the way for making urban agriculture a real solution to the problem of food access in this country.

Herboponics designs and builds portable and easy to access controlled environment farms that deliver fresh and healthy local produce 365 days a year. You get unlimited growth of fruits and herbs of a high quality that you can trust.


Simply insert the supplied parts and fill the reservoir with water. Then power the thing on and — bingo — in a matter of weeks you should see green shoots of awesomeness. I haven't stopped getting compliments from everyone.

Richard Baghana, Smart Garden Owner

Taking up counter space comparable to a loaf of bread, this is a cool, zero-hassle product that quickly grows many small, healthy organic plants together. I planted basil seeds and they started sprouting in less than 3 days. Really happy with the progress.

Hana Monska, Los Angeles

I have several of these home gardens. And also I build my own NFT hydroponic system from scratch. This product is easy enough to install and have a simple nice design. It looks good in your home.

Simon Ramet, London, UK


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