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Garden: What You Need To Know About Mulching

If you want to take advantage of your summer holidays to take care of your garden and create a vegetable garden you may have considered installing a mulch. You may have noticed by doing some research, the idea blossoms everywhere on forums dedicated to gardening and a question is on everyone’s lips about the garden: mulching or not mulching? The Potager Blog tells you more about this gardening technique.

Mulching: what’s the point?


Carried out between the end of April and the beginning of May, mulching makes it possible, above all, to prevent the proliferation of weeds on the straw area: with mulching, the weeding chore is over!

Mulching also helps your soil retain moisture: a real asset when the summer droughts are raging. It is also a very good organic supplement for your land and improves its quality.

To install mulching, wait until the soil has warmed up, hence the interest of waiting for spring. We must weed first (in order not to do it again, or at least, less often) and cover with mulching when the soil is wet.

The materials used for mulching

Mulching can be made from straw, of course, but you can also use the remains of mowing your lawn, fragmented wood or dead leaves: this will save you from having to compost everything! 

If you do not have all these materials, you can also find in the garden, as well as anti-foam or Bordeaux mixture. They can contain clay balls, pine bark … or even coconut extracts!

You should know that it is also possible to use mulching to protect plants in pots or planters. The clay balls mentioned earlier are very well adapted to this use. This will limit the watering of these plants.

Less watering, less maintenance, in short, less effort: you will understand, the benefits of mulching all or part of his garden so many. It’s your turn!

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