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The Different Types And Systems At Tide Above Ground

There are 2 different types of tidal systems: the tide table & the tide bucket (modular system). They are based on the same basic technique (hydroponics) and vary in their particularity. They each have different advantages, try to present them: 

1. The tide table 

In a tide table system, the plants are planted on a long table which is itself arranged on a long water tank or circulates your nutrient solution. In the bottom of the tank a drainage system connected to 2 pipes of evacuation, one being able to be used for the rinsing (on the water supply) and the other of overflow to avoid the overflows.

When the pump is in operation the water is pumped from the tank to the tide table, when it reaches the level of the overflow it returns there. While when the pump is stopped the water flows through the water supply to go down to the tank to leave room for fresh oxygen. This is connected to a timer that manages the watering frequency.

tide table

Advantages of the tide table

  • The main advantage of the tide table is that it can be used with any substrate: earth, coconut wool, Maputo, clay, etc …
  • Another advantage is to be able to put the substrate in the pot and to be able to move them if necessary on the table as it changes us.
  • On the other hand, it is also possible to fill the clay ball table so that the roots can spread everywhere.
  • Its waterproof container and its dimensions make it an ideal solution for tents or attics.
  • The tide table is the best growth method.

2. The modular system or tide bucket

Like the tide table, the tide bucket works with a timer that limits the flood periods of the plants, however, here on this system, each plant evolves in its own pot. A water supply pipe feeds each pot from the main bucket connected to the main tank.

The tidal bucket or modular tide system uses gravity to convey the water into the pots, the pump for its part is only used to empty and fill the main bucket in which float 2 magnetic floats that are intended to control the water. power of it, which allows controlling exactly how the pots will be flooded.

When the nutrient solution (water) reaches the floatation limit, the magnetic float stops the main feed tank pump and starts the extraction pump in the bucket for water return. in the main tank.

Benefits of the bucket at the tide

  • The modular system makes it possible to space the plants under the grow lamps to allow them to grow at their convenience, without the restriction of size.
  • The modular system is suitable for many growers who see it as a simplified work opportunity with optimal performance in a small space.

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