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Landing in containers is a quick and easy way to create a green corner on a loggia, balcony or veranda. They can grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables.


More recently, the choice of vegetables for containers was limited – green onions and parsley and celery roots. What is grown now, is striking in its diversity and beauty. Recently, for example, small tomatoes from the cherry group have become very popular. They are not only tasty but also very decorative. 50–80 cm high, with long beautiful tassels and red or yellow fruits, these mini-tomatoes can successfully grow in large pots and pots, such as the F1 Kishmish hybrid. Compact varieties Mikron-NK and Florida Petit  20–25 cm high are suitable for small containers. Hybrid F1 Tumbler It is a cascade bush with a height of 0.9–1.5 m, which looks very beautiful in tall vases and flowerpots. Its sweet fruits ripen earlier than other hybrids within 80 days (for other varieties and hybrids, the ripening period starts 3–3.5 months after sowing).


Another great variety of modern hybrids of pepper. They have a more clearly pronounced decorative direction, and they belong to hot peppers to taste. Spectacular hybrids with dark burgundy large foliage, like basil. These powerful cute plants (about 35–45 cm in height and width) will decorate the balcony or loggia all summer. Peppers with green foliage have other decorative features: different shape, color, and location of the fruit. Peppers can peek out from under the leaves or rise up above a bush like peak tips. The elongated wriggling fruits of such a hybrid as Medusa, Pepperoni, Chilly Chili look unusual. Their peculiarity is that fruits on one plant can be of two colors – yellow and red. And the variety Masquerade even three – yellow, red and purple.

To the tomatoes and peppers, you can add a variety of herbs. Especially beautiful is basil  Clove aroma ‘ with a compact as if shrub bush.


Until late autumn, containers are decorated with curly parsley, chard, and a variety of salads, some of them look like exquisite flowers. Chao Bambino varieties with claret-green leaves, Ruby lace with rich colors of strongly fringed leaves form a rosette up to 30 cm and will be able to decorate your decorative garden in 25–35 days. Cort Uno Momento c burgundy leaves can be sown not only in spring but in August, the plants pleasing to the eye until late autumn.

When planting a home garden, one cannot overlook the decorative remontant strawberries. Most of its hybrids – with white or unusual for strawberry pink flowers of various shades – form beautiful cascades of edible berries that grow all summer. You can grow them yourself from seeds or buy seedlings in the spring, the plants bloom and bear fruit in the year of sowing. Currently, there are quite a few such hybrids, for example, F1 Moscow delicacy  – with large white flowers and large berries, as well as F1 C-141 blooming until autumn  – with bright pink flowers and tasty berries. Particularly impressive strawberries look in hanging baskets.

All this magnificence can be supplemented with edible flower plants such as nasturtium and marigold. And you can make a composition of flowers and vegetables.

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