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UV Clarifiers For Indoor Growers

Normally, we use a sterilizer in our hydroponic systems. We have used clarifiers in the past in our aquaponic systems usually just to kind of clean water at the start. Once we get our nitrifiers introduced to our systems then, the nitrification gets on track and AP systems will often turn on a clarifier really quick to try. And take care of some of that algae until the system kind of evens out.

Use Sterilizers For Controlling Microbes & Algae

It’s sort of similar thing in hydroponic systems and we tend to use sterilizers pretty often for controlling microbes and for controlling algae in the system.

It can be really useful for making sure that nothing gets too far out of hand sterilizers or clarifiers are essentially just a tube usually plastic or steel stainless steel and there’s a lamp down the middle and inside of that lamp. There’s a filament that produces UV rays once you give it a little energy once you give it juice which produces UV light and it sterilizes all of the water flowing around it. So basically anything in that water anything that’s flowing with that water gets killed by that UV light and it prevents it from getting too out of hand also, prevents a lot of algae buildup in your system. It’s a simple and easy way to incorporate something in your plumbing to take care of algae and bacteria on the front end.

Could be a Little Expensive

There are other ways to deal with algae and bacteria. But if you’re just getting started this can be a fairly inexpensive and really efficient way to take care of those pests. So these are really easy to plumb in they come with instructions typically, they’re not that complicated. We’ve worked with several different types over the years and we’ve never had any issues they’re really easy.

Now the thing to keep in mind is that you will have to replace that bulb pretty often and sometimes the shroud and the shroud is actually made of quartz, not glass. Because glass filters UV rays so, that can get a little pricey.

They can be a little bit energy intensive at times. But that really comes down to sizing the lamp to your system, you would want to make sure that you’re putting in the right clarifier for the volumes. And because the fast you’re moving them, the more water you move around it, the less effective that UV light becomes at destroying that bacteria and algae in your system. 

Wrapping up, we use these things to control algae and bacteria and they’re great for that we don’t use them all the time. We typically just use them during the initial stages and on and off as needed. But they’re a great tool to have in your toolbox for controlling the biology of your solution.

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