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You Can Grow These Fruits And Vegetables In The Flat -Even Without Garden

It is fresher, spares the wallet and the cultivation can be enormously fun: self-grown fruit and vegetables only have advantages. But many do not live in the countryside with a garden. But there are some things that you can grow in a city apartment!

Herbs on the window sill have one or the other maybe already at home. But you can grow much more in your own four walls! The only requirement is usually a good sun place. We show you five vegetables and fruits that you can easily grow at home:

1. Avocados

avocado 16041_1280


The super-healthy and tasty fruit you can actually breed easily at home. All you need is the core of an avocado. Just remove it and put three to four toothpicks in the middle. Then you put the whole in a glass of water, the side with the toothpicks must point upwards. Place the glass in a warm place, eg on the windowsill, and water well again. After a few weeks, a small tree should be able to grow, which you can plant in a pot. Soon you will be able to harvest your own avocado.

2. garlic


You can also grow garlic in the apartment. All you need is a small flower pot and a clove of garlic. Similarly, this also works with the head on spring onions. How exactly is it, so that you can soon reap your own garlic.

3. Lemons


Granted, lemons grow only when you live in a light-filled apartment. The citrus fruits need a lot of Sun and tend to grow in high humidity. Otherwise, the cultivation is relatively simple.

4. carrots


You can plant carrots in a flower box. But it should also be about 20 centimeters deep and wide so that the whole thing works. Also, drainage holes are needed, so you should collect the water in a bowl under the box when you put him in the apartment. Carrots need a lot of Sun but are otherwise easy to handle in care.


5. Green beans


You can also grow green beans in the flower box – the bigger, the better. Because the larger the container, the less often you have to water the plants. Otherwise, the beans are not as problematic as carrots. The only thing you have to keep in mind here is that the beans need around eight hours of sun each day.

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